Avoid These Mulching Mistakes on Your Commercial Property

edward's lawn & landscaping avoid these mulching mistakes on your commercial property

It actually takes experience and knowledge to avoid these mulching mistakes.

Nothing livens up your commercial property like a fresh layer of mulch. Besides aesthetics, mulch helps your soil retain moisture, suppress weed growth in your landscape beds, and prevent soil compaction by breaking down and adding nutrients to the ground. You may think mulching doesn’t require skill, but it actually takes experience and knowledge to avoid these mulching mistakes.

No Mulch Application

Missing out on this easy add-on service that you can utilize to gain numerous benefits on your commercial landscape is one mulching mistake to avoid. In places like Maryland, temperature control is crucial since frost heave can be a problem. In addition, no commercial facility manager likes experiencing weeds. By not mulching, you’re not introducing fresh organic material to your soil for enhancement. Overall, mulch can be added to your commercial landscape service contract or broken out separately.

Adding Excessive Mulch

Generally, mulch is ideally applied at a depth of up to 4 inches. However, this depends on how well a property keeps up with yearly mulching. This can affect how much mulch is necessary on an annual basis. But there are always those who think more mulch is better regarding mulch. Unfortunately, excess mulch surrounding a tree trunk leads to fungus, disease, and root suffocation. So, the right way to do this is to make a well around your tree trunks with the mulch higher at the outer edges, so it doesn’t touch or suffocate your tree trunks.

Forgetting to Prepare the Site

There are professional landscaping techniques that make mulch work its best and liven your commercial landscape. Avoid these mulching mistakes on your commercial property, and don’t forget to prep the landscape before mulching. First, you should mix up the old mulch before adding fresh mulch. You should also pull weeds before mulching to eliminate them from your landscape beds. Call Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping today at 443-341-6539!

Neglecting Signs of Excessive Mulch

Trees must breathe, so you should never place mulch over the root flares of trees. This is the location where the topmost root appears from the trunk. Other signs you might notice as this problem persists if mulching on your commercial property was done incorrectly are:

  • Dead branches
  • Rotting flower stems
  • Fungus, disease, or mold presence
  • Smaller leaves that the shrub or tree generally has
  • Early leaf drop
  • Softer bark at the tree’s base

Our commercial landscaping company can help you get your commercial property mulch done just right. You certainly want to avoid these mulching mistakes on your commercial property.

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