Minimizing Soil Compaction in Your Property

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Soil compaction can happen in all types of soil.

Is soil compaction on your homeowner’s guide if you own a home? It’s probably not. Adding it to the list can increase the appeal of your property. Let’s break down the meaning of soil compaction and how to avoid it or solve it.

What is Soil Compaction?

Soil compaction is when your soil is compacted. Instead of being loose and fluffy, these dirt particles are pressed tightly together, making them hard and dense. Compression can occur in all types of soil. Northern areas tend to have more clay than the eastern areas (sandy soil). What can cause your soil to be compacted? Weight, for sure. Large mowers and heavy foot traffic can produce soil compaction. Your big mower presses down the ground as you mow, especially if done weekly.

Why is Compaction Bad for Soil?  

When your soil is pressed and dense, essential water, air, and nutrients can’t quickly go through it. Your grass will struggle to survive, and then it becomes weak, patchy, and brown. Besides the appearance, soil compaction can cause drainage problems in your home. Water can’t absorb appropriately if your soil is dense and compacted, which means it sits on puddles. Or it can move off the surface, leading to flooding to the surrounding waterways. Soil compaction can be avoided by maintaining a healthy lawn. This means an excellent year-round program that feeds your turf the vital nutrients.

What is the Solution for Soil Compaction?

If your home receives heavy foot traffic or is constantly mowed, it’s prone to soil compaction. This is where aeration comes in. Aeration is pulling out tiny soil cores to loosen the compacted soil, allowing water and oxygen to penetrate the roots. As a result, your lawn will grow nice, producing a lush, healthy carpet of green.

Another option to solving soil compaction is with robotic lawnmowers. Keep in mind that your heavy mower that travels through your yard every week compacts your soil. The robotic mower weighs less than 10 pounds, moving around the property without pressing the ground. They also automatically mow in random directions, enhancing the soil and grass. Lastly, they have sensors indicating which lawn areas have been trimmed.

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