Take Advantage of a Winter Yard Clean-Up

edward's lawn & landscaping winter yard clean-up

Take advantage of a winter yard clean-up with Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping!

Most homeowners think spring or summer regarding pruning and yard clean up. However, winter is an excellent time to keep up with yard work and maintenance. In fact, winter is one of the safest times to prune while the non-Spring blooming plants are dormant. So, take advantage of a winter yard clean-up with Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping!

Take Advantage of the Dormant Season

Pruning during the winter benefits many trees and shrubs. It provides them with additional root and energy reserves to support the growth of the remaining branches. In addition, well-pruned plants will create more flowers or fruit and help trees and shrubs scare off pests and diseases. So, they will require less maintenance in the spring and summer.

If you are concerned about cutting your plants, there is no need to because that way, you can see the branches more clearly. In the wintertime, the leaves are gone, and most woody plants are inactive. However, pruning also makes piles of yard waste and debris that must be removed before the heavy rains or snow approaches.

Beware: Pruning in Winter Requires Care

Even though pruning is ideal for most plants, you should still follow some guidelines to ensure you don’t intentionally damage your plants. Take advantage of a winter yard clean-up and follow some of these winter pruning tips:

  • Try to prune on a mild, dry day
  • Always prune out the dead and diseased branches
  • Eliminate the overgrown and smaller branches to increase light and air at the top of the tree
  • Your goal is to keep the branches that form or maintain the tree’s structure
  • Lastly, cut branches at the node

Moreover, there are trees you can safely prune in the winter season. They include spruce, cherries, plums, poplar, and junipers. You can also prune shrubs such as hydrangeas, barberries, euonymus, mallow, and camellias.

Contact Your Landscaping Pros for Yard Clean Up

Have you recently undertaken a landscaping project that’s left dirt and debris everywhere? Or do you simply have a bunch of clutter on your lawn that you haven’t had time to clean up? At Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping, we understand that yard debris removal can be a constant year-round requirement. It’s also critical to have a professional team to manage all of your yard’s pruning. Take advantage and call us for winter yard clean-up!

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