What Impacts Commercial Landscape Maintenance Pricing?

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What impacts commercial landscape maintenance pricing?

As a property manager, it’s impossible to escape rising costs and pinched budgets. So, when it’s time to renew your commercial landscape maintenance contract, you might expect some cost increases. So, what impacts commercial landscape maintenance pricing?

Labor Costs

Labor costs have been impacting commercial landscape maintenance pricing. There have been increased costs in the landscaping business in the last two years. In addition, the increase in labor fees is more significant than inflation. So, labor has gone up more than 15 percent within these two years.

Cost of Materials

The cost of materials has also gone up significantly. Unfortunately, the price of flowers has increased since natural gas costs have soared. This makes heating the greenhouses where they’re formed more expensive. Additionally, the price of grass seeds has gone up because of the drought and fires on the West Coast where it’s grown. Also, don’t compromise quality. You want to avoid receiving your materials from a company that cuts corners and supplies low-quality products. Consistently deliver the final item or service your customer deserves.

Equipment Purchase & Maintenance

In the landscape maintenance business, equipment prices are massive numbers. Commercial landscape maintenance companies must purchase many trailers, trucks, mowers, snowplows, and loaders to do business. Plus, they must incur all the expenses of snow equipment whether or not it snows. Due to high demand and reduced supply, vehicles cost has gone up.

Furthermore, equipment maintenance also impacts commercial landscape pricing since the equipment gets constant use. The maintenance expenses include fuel, necessary repair parts, etc.

Technology Use

From insurance to computers to cell phones, many administrative costs impact commercial landscape maintenance pricing that customers don’t always see. Even though investing in technology costs money, it also saves money in the long term. As a result, this approach increases efficiency and minimizes waste.

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