Why Scheduling Spring Cleanup Matters to Commercial Properties

edward's lawn & landscaping spring cleanup matters to commercial properties

So, why does scheduling spring cleanup matter to commercial properties?

Winter is tough on all landscaping. Snow plows may damage parking blocks, and the signs may be bent. They might not relate to landscaping, but the Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping team watches out for and reports any problems on your commercial property. So, why does scheduling spring cleanup matter to commercial properties?

The Value of Spring Cleanups for Commercial Properties

Of course, you love the clean look spring cleanup landscaping adds to your curb appeal. However, spring cleanup tasks are also performed for your landscaping’s health. Perennials need trimming so they’ll rejuvenate for spring. In addition, our landscaping contractors can mulch weeds down and conserve moisture for the upcoming summer months. As a result, your turf can’t thrive if it’s blocked with soggy leaves and a blanket of fallen twigs. This is why scheduling spring cleanup matters to commercial properties.

Enhance Your Spring Landscape

Some enhancements go hand in hand with spring cleanup services. It’s advisable you perform the following:

  • Replace any shrubs, plants, or trees that are dying. Ideally, April and May are great planting times.
  • Eliminate any aging plants that have grown out of control or that block signage or windows. Also, spring is a perfect time of year to replace them.
  • Repair or replace any damaged turf due to plows or salt. Snow removal can affect the grass. Some clients prefer to use salt instead of landscape-friendly ice melt items. You may also need to replace patches of salt-damaged turf near the driveways and sidewalks.
  • Those perky violas and pansies planted in the fall most likely need some attention. Mulch might do the trick! But after a rough winter in Maryland, they might need replacing. That way, your commercial property displays cheerful colors in April and May. Although it’s too soon to plant summer annuals, these cold-hardy beauties will bridge the gap.
  • Remember that this is the last opportunity for dormant pruning of trees before they spring to life.
  • Finally, a spring application of lawn fertilizer cannot be applied until after March 1st. Our commercial landscaping company starts applying fertilizer and pre-and post-emergent herbicide to fight any lurking weeds in your lawn. Plus, this is the best time for crabgrass prevention too.

We understand that scheduling spring cleanup matters to commercial properties, so consider these vital tips before you sign.

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