Why Choose a Landscaping Professional for a Spring Yard Cleanup Service?

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Your local landscaping professionals at Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping are ready to help you with a spring yard cleanup service.

Even if you live on a small property, cleaning it up for spring can be overwhelming. Your local landscaping professionals at Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping are ready to help you with a spring yard cleanup service. We are landscaping and lawn care service pros catering to residential and commercial properties. Let us manage your spring cleaning so you can enjoy a season-ready property without all the hassle.

The Importance of Yard Cleanup Services

We know life can become busy and get in the way of your lawn cleanup and maintenance. But if you are inconsistent and avoid cleaning up your yard for too long, your landscaping will become unhealthy. Also, an unkempt yard can decrease your home’s curb appeal or make your business look unwelcoming. In contrast, a spring yard cleanup service can keep your lawn healthy so it may grow and thrive year-round.

What Does Spring Cleaning Consist Of?

At Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping, our spring yard cleanup service involves numerous aspects such as:

  • Removing leaves, clutter, and branches
  • Hauling debris
  • Lawn mowing
  • Re-edging and cleaning flower beds
  • Redefining the lawn borders
  • Re-seeding your lawn’s damaged areas
  • Pruning and trimming shrubs and trees
  • Also, lawn aeration and fertilization

Besides our spring yard cleanup services, we also offer various lawn care and landscape maintenance services. Our experienced landscape company can do whatever it takes to get your landscape looking superb and keep it that way all season long. Please call us at 443-341-6539 to schedule an appointment now to make your home or business look its best.

When Should I Hire a Yard Cleanup Service?

A spring yard cleanup service can get your property looking neat; however, it’s not just for springtime. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but the seasonal change can also cause leaves to fall and other debris to gather on your property. There is no doubt that professional lawn cleanup services are ideal for homeowners and commercial owners. First impressions matter, so call Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping to tidy up your lawn for:

  • Real estate open homes
  • Vacation rentals
  • Parties

Why wait to enjoy spring’s beauty on your property? Set up your spring yard cleanup service now! Request a free quote today.

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