Do You Hate Yard Work? Try These Spring Landscaping Tips

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Try these spring landscaping ideas to spruce up your yard without a ton of effort.

Let’s face it: There’s nothing exciting about green bushes against green turf. So, try these spring landscaping ideas to spruce up your yard without a ton of effort. Or you can always call Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping for efficient landscape yard cleanups!

Consider Planting Only One Tree

As part of your spring landscaping tips, consider planting a tree. It isn’t a significant effort, plus you’ll be helping out our environment. Once the tree is established, there will be less maintenance to create a stable yard. The key is to select a tree that adds interest to your landscape in shape, color, and texture. Fortunately, there are many trees to choose from and suitable for the climate. They also provide form, color, and texture to liven any landscape.

Make Your Mulch Colorful

Mulch is one of the simplest ways to add color and texture to a lawn. For instance, a coffee bean-colored mulch greatly complements a green lawn. If a dark color isn’t your preference, there are numerous mulch colors to spice up your bland landscape. Or try pine cones if you want something unique. They introduce a knotty texture that breaks up the monotony of box-like shrubs. Again, mulch is easy. Select a cool color and texture, then spread it, and forget it. Remember to keep mulch away from wood or siding because it can rot the wood and attract insects.

Add Some Edging for Spring

Observe your walkways and garden beds. Consider performing some unique edging if your lawn threatens to take over your front walk. No pruning, watering, or cutting is necessary. Additionally, low-maintenance ground covers are great for edging. Or define a walkway with some personal items like colored hockey sticks. You can line a path or place wine bottles neck down in the soil.

Develop a Focal Point That’s About You

Your passions inspire color and texture in your landscape. Try to create a focal point with something that brings happy memories. This can be a tricycle or a wagon and convert it into a colorful planter. Otherwise, you can go for hard non-gardening materials to complement with the softness of nature’s green.

Ultimately, your landscape reflects you. If you need further assistance with these spring landscaping tips, call us today at 443-341-6539!

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