Gardening Tips for Your Maryland Residential Landscape


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Try out these gardening tips for your Maryland residential landscape!

Spring is approaching in Maryland, and green thumbs will significantly have much to complete in their gardens. Although early spring weather can be unpredictable in March, there will be many days of milder temperatures for performing necessary gardening tasks in your Maryland home. Below will discuss some gardening tips for your residential landscape.

Propagate Your Houseplants and Perennials

Last season’s plants that wintered indoors must be ready to multiply through their cuttings. Begonias and scented geraniums are simple to grow using this technique. You can start by cutting a single leaf at the stalk that supports the leaf, then plant it in a tray of moist potting mix that drains well. For faster growth, dip their petioles in the rooting hormone. By using this approach, the plants you propagate will be complete by May and can be integrated into your garden bed.

Consider Planting Shrubs and Trees

Although March temperatures can have fluctuations, planting shrubs and trees in your residential landscape is ideal for this month. As nurseries begin to stock spring-blooming trees early, you can plant them if the soil is ready. Additionally, check the quality of the shrubs and trees for healthy roots. Remember to give the root ball additional room. Also, you should plant the tree or shrub at the soil level or slightly higher to ensure excellent drainage.

Extra Tips for March

Even though Maryland greets spring earlier than the states up north, there can still be frost warnings and wet soil that will limit your ability to plant in March. Practice these additional gardening tips for a thriving residential landscape:

  • Plant perennial fruits and vegetables after the danger of frost have passed.
  • Choose hardy annuals such as pansies for planting.
  • Make sure to prune rose bushes before their buds deteriorate.
  • Consider planting summer bulbs after the soil dries and warms up.
  • Once the soil is ready, you can plant trees and shrubs.

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