The Importance of Winter Tree Removal and Pruning

winter tree with no leaves in front of home

Make sure your trees don’t pose a hazard this winter.

Dead and decaying trees and branches can be extraordinarily hazardous to your property, especially during the winter time. When snow and ice piles on top of branches it adds a significant amount of weight, which can result in falling branches or trees toppling over. Old brittle wood simply cannot hold up to the worst of winter, and that can be a huge danger to your power line, your windows, and even your car. That’s why it’s crucial to take preventative measures to remove old, damaged trees and branches ahead of time.

Identifying Hazardous Trees

It’s a good idea to inspect your trees before winter weather arrives. You should inspect all sides of the tree, up close and from a distance. Check for cracks and peeling bark in the trunk. These kinds of structural defects, usually due to frost or frequent winds, can cause the tree or parts of it to fall. A larger crack is a good indication that the tree will die. You should also use binoculars to take a look at the tree’s crown for dead or broken branches. Sometimes branches are cracked but still attached to your tree, making them particularly susceptible to winter weather damage.

Winter is a Good Time to Prune

Because plants are dormant during winter, this is actually a very good time to do some pruning. It’s also much easier to detect structural problems in your trees when leaves aren’t in the way to obstruct the view. Plus, property managers tend to be inundated with projects during the spring or summer time. Even if you don’t suspect you have any dead or dying foliage, winter is probably a better time to get this work done. Most importantly though, investing in a landscaper that solve a hazardous tree problem will save you a lot in the future. There’s nothing worse than having a tree branch damage your home’s beautiful windows or your car.

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