Protecting Your Landscaping for Winter

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There are important considerations for protecting your landscaping against the harshness of winter conditions.

With temperatures plummeting and the last of leaves finally raking up, it’s natural for “active” lawn care to slip back on one’s running list of priorities. But even though grass and plants seem to slip into hibernation mode, there are still some important considerations for safeguarding your lawn against the inevitable harshness of winter conditions. Take a moment to read these pro tips for shoring up your landscape’s “off-season” defenses. These will also pay great dividends once spring has sprung.

Prune Your Plants

  • It’s wise to give all of your trees and shrubs an examination and pruning before winter.
  • In particular, look out for rebellious branches jutting irregularly and snip them into line. If angled skyward, these are positioned to catch/hold more snow than they can handle, making breakage a near certainty.
  • This sort of “unnatural pruning” is potentially damaging for your trees and shrubs in the long term. Preventative actions will keep your landscape winter-protected.

Wrap/Fortify Trees in Need

  • Tree bark can suffer from inconsistent exposure to sunlight, more so the thinner it is. Despite the temperature, the inconsistent “pattern” of sunny days followed by staunchly overcast ones will eventually result in unsightly gaps, cracks, and discoloration in your bark.
  • The solution is again preventative: wrap these vulnerable trees against the elements. There’s a range of wrapping materials available. A lawn care specialist can also help you decide what’s ideal for specific trees!
  • A hypothetical wrapping scenario: burlap is well-suited for trees with (relatively) thicker bark, such as conifers. You can approach the wrapping process in a couple of ways. One would be to wrap it (not too tight!) from top to bottom, securing the burlap by tying it with hearty string at regular intervals from top to bottom. Alternately, you might find it easier to plant some stakes around the tree slightly taller than it is. Then, drape the burlap to create a protective tent around your pine or evergreen. It won’t make for excellent backdoor camping but will undoubtedly be an ally in your efforts to preserve the trees’ beauty and integrity.

Apply Anti-Desiccant

  • Your trees are susceptible to a condition called “transpiration” in the cold season. This is when heavy winds and dryness prevent adequate retention/distribution of moisture. Dehydration is as much a health concern for plants as it is for people; severe damage can occur without intervention.
  • Fortunately, treatment is available in the description of anti-desiccant sprays. The application creates a protective layer to lock in moisture.
  • Multiple coatings will be necessary throughout the winter for optimal protection. Determining how often this is necessary is another situation where the expertise of landscaping professionals will be quite handy.

Prevention is the best way to maintain your landscape. Winter is nothing if unpredictable, and situations are likely to arise where a bit more “involved” maintenance will be necessary—and completely worth the effort. Of course, local landscaping companies like Edwards are always on call to advise or more actively assist you as needed.

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