Rock or Mulch: What Should You Choose?

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Rock or mulch in your garden bed?

Rock or mulch in garden beds? Mulch helps your soil keep moisture and reduce your water usage. But there are times rocks are a better choice. Let’s look at what you should consider between rock and mulch.

When Is Rock an Ideal Choice for Landscaping?

Rock mulch is ornamental gravel or rocks varying in size and based in river beds. Also, it’s available in different sizes, colors, shapes, and textures, such as black lava rock or purple smooth quartz gravel. Moreover, rock is a better choice for landscaping:

  • Rock is a perfect mulch choice if you have drainage problems on your property because it allows the water to drain faster.
  • Rock also requires no maintenance if you have open bed areas without plants.
  • In addition, rocks are ideal for high-traffic areas. Unlike plants, rocks can withstand stress.
  • Rocks make a beautiful backdrop for a fountain or statue entrance.

What About the Maintenance Requirements?

Furthermore, consider maintenance when choosing between rock or mulch. Although mulch makes your beds look instantly impressive, it tends to fade and break down. So, you must replace mulch every spring.

On the other hand, rocks require no maintenance. They may also need washing once in a while to maintain them clean. Eventually, you might want to apply a new top layer after the rocks settle. Lastly, determine where you want the rocks because they are heavier to move than mulch.

Rock or Mulch for Curb Appeal?

Moreover, choosing between rock or mulch for your curb appeal depends on your personal preference. A garden bed full of rocks with modern decorative grasses produces a clean contemporary feel. In contrast, mulch is your choice if you like the appearance of curvy garden beds filled with colorful flowers.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Rock or Mulch

Additionally, there are more things to consider when choosing between rock and mulch.

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