Best Landscaping Tips for Parking Lots, Roadsides, and Walkways in Ellicott City

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Here are some helpful landscaping tips.

Pavement-side plants experience a lot. Today, we offer the best landscaping tips for parking lots, roadsides, and walkways because these areas create unique challenges. Roadsides and parking lots lack irrigation, meaning the landscaping must be drought tolerant. In addition, these areas of commercial properties have a lot of foot traffic where people walk over parking lot islands and overstep walkways. Therefore, these plants have to be durable. Also, car exhaust can harm plants and salt and snow accumulation during the winter. Here are some helpful landscaping tips.

Pick Tough Plants

You want plants that can withstand harsh conditions. You can walk on creeping juniper because it serves as a low-lying, drought-tolerant ground cover. Liriope is a beautiful plant that mimics grass while being hardy and standing up to foot traffic. Barberry is a native plant with eye-capturing green, yellow, and burgundy foliage. In addition, it has thorns, deterring pedestrians from walking on them.

Select Sturdy Shade Trees

Shade trees benefit both commercial and residential properties. They improve an environment’s appearance, breaking up all the pavement and visual monotony. In addition, shade trees prevent soil erosion and add oxygen to the environment. Planted areas also buffer wind and noise, reduce stormwater drainage problems, and enhance customer appreciation by providing them with shade. Sturdy shade trees that tolerate heat include:

  1. Crape Myrtle: Drooped flower clusters ranging from red to pink to lavender to white.
  2. Chinese Elm: Adapts well to various soil types, particularly in urban conditions, and is drought and tolerant.
  3. Red Maple: Red maples grow virtually anywhere. Whether in swamps or dry soil, red maples are adaptable to various conditions, including parking lots, roadsides, and walkways.

We also suggest avoiding trees with berries that might make a parking lot messy. It’s also an excellent idea to avoid trees that attract birds and insects, including:

  1. Oaks and Maples: If you want foliage in vibrant colors during the fall, go for “Red Sunset” or “October Glory” maple trees. In addition, columnar oaks are an excellent choice because they grow tall and skinny, not taking up as much space.
  2. Zelkova ‘Green Vase‘: Beautiful tree whose dark green leaves turn soft yellow, orange, and reddish-brown or russet during fall while having a high tolerance for wind, pollution, drought, and compacted soils.
  3. Littleleaf Linden: This tree has an appealing shape with a dense canopy and fragrant flowers, while air pollution, poor drainage, or compacted soil doesn’t affect this beautiful tree.

Consider Snow Removal Services

You want your commercial property to be stunning but safe. The safer your patrons are, the better. Therefore, you should hire us for snow removal services during the winter.

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