What Is Easier? A Tree Removal or Stump Removal?

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Here are a few ways a professional may evaluate if your tree removal or stump removal will be easier to complete.

We always recommend working with a professional for tree removal or stump removal because each has its risks. But given the risks, which one is easier to complete? Our short answer is: it depends! Here are a few ways a professional may evaluate if your tree removal or stump removal will be easier to complete.

What’s Involved in Removing a Tree?

Evaluating Tree Health

Diseased and dying trees are a safety hazard, especially if you have children playing in your yard. If you notice your tree is showing signs of stress, infestation, or dying, it should be removed as soon as possible since it can infect the rest of your trees or cause property damage if it falls on its own.

Taking it Down

Tree removal usually consists of removing everything from the stump up, meaning the roots stay in the ground. The tree size often dictates how it can be taken down, but it typically involves removing the branches at the top and working down to the base.

What’s Involved in Removing a Stump?

Considering The Risks of Keeping a Dead Stump

Stumps aren’t just unsightly, and they can also be carriers of fungi, insects, and other diseases. Like dying trees, rotting stumps can also spread infections to other trees and plants.

Digging it Out

Like tree removal, stump removal requires expertise to do it correctly. Depending on the stump’s size and how deep and far the roots have spread, removing the stump could require extra digging or excavating of the area. However, stumps aren’t necessarily removed just by digging them out; stumps can also be removed chemically.

Is Tree Removal or Stump Removal Easier Than The Other?

Tree Removal Risks

Tall, established trees pose the highest risk for crews since they may need to climb or use a harness to get to the top of the tree to begin cutting. Some tree species have more complicated wood than others, meaning cutting through branches and thicker trunk pieces could take longer and require more effort. Some parts can also shatter as they fall, meaning the crew on the ground has added risk of injury.

Stump Removal Risks

Stump removal is generally considered less risky than tree removal. Several methods can be used, including chemically, which involves a particular chemical for removing stumps and burning the roots. While this may be less physical labor, using any caustic chemical can pose a hazard. Stumps can also be ground down using specialty tools or chainsaws, and for larger stumps, they may be able to rip them out with a big truck and some chains.

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