Why Winter Tree Removal is a Good Idea

edwards lawn winter tree removal

Discover why winter tree removal may be a great idea.

Removing any trees that are dead or dying from your lawn becomes incredibly important to the overall health and safety of your property. In fact, winter is actually the best time to prune your trees and remove them if needed. The reality is, removing a tree from your yard is quite a hefty task to tackle. Ultimately, choosing the right time to remove a tree from your lawn can be difficult for the average homeowner. Here are a few reasons why winter might just be the optimal time to remove any troublesome trees from your lawn.

The Common Reasons Associated With Tree Removal

There are many different reasons why people need trees removed. In fact, some of the more common reasons include a very dry, dark brown layer under the bark; fungi that tends to grow at the end of the bark; large dead or even hanging branches; hollows in either the trunk or even the main limb; and rising soil all around the tree’s roots. The reality is, if you have a tree on your property that exhibits any of these issues, then tree removal might be a necessity. Ultimately, scheduling a tree risk assessment with an expert arborist or other such professional could be the best route to take if you are still unsure whether your tree needs to be removed from your property.

Immediately Removing Trees That Need To Be Removed

There is no denying that trees that need to be removed should definitely be done so as soon as possible. In fact, waiting too long to remove a tree could end up causing lasting damage to your property. The reality is, dead trees typically pose a very significant safety hazard to property and people around the area as well. Ultimately, dead trees are very dangerous to be around which is exactly why they need to be removed as soon as possible. At the end of the day, if you see that your tree is looking a bit worse for wear, it might be beneficial to schedule something with a professional who can assist in considering whether tree removal is required to save your property from disaster. 

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