Why Leaf Removal Is Important

Why Leaf Removal Is Important

There are plenty of great reasons to remove leaves from your lawn, check them out below!

One might consider it unfriendly to the environment to rake biodegradable fall leaves, only to pack them away into non-biodegradable plastic bags and haul them off to the dumping grounds. However, there are plenty of valid reasons why leaf removal is important, as outlined below.

Fall Leaves Cause Allergies

Numerous studies have shown that fall leaves contain mold spores, which can be the cause of many people’s fall allergies. If you leave the fall leaves to sit around into the winter and spring, you may end up with a health hazard on your hands. Many people are actually allergic to the mold on fall leaves, so it is best to rake them up before they affect one’s health and cause sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, and even dizziness!

Fall Leaves Grow Mold

The very fact that fall leaves grow mold should be a reason to get them off your lawn. Maryland is a typically wet region with mild, fluctuating temperatures and plenty of trees. If left to itself, the land would quickly turn back into woods and meadows. The countless fall leaves that pile up each year in people’s yards can become wet with rain, and left to sit, will grow visible splotches of mold. While mold helps to disintegrate the leaves, it is usually best to keep it absent from your property for health reasons.

Fall Leaves Kill Grass

Another good reason for leaf removal service is the preservation of one’s lawn. If wet leaves pile up and sit on top of your grass, your grass will suffer and possibly start to wither with different mold forms. Fungus develops on grass due to specific temperatures and humidity levels, and thatch or fall leaves can incubate humidity on the lawn, causing mold growth. Should this ever happen to your lawn, Edward’s Lawn & Home can offer great advice and remediate the issue for you.

They Make Your Lawn Unsightly

At the end of the day, a lawn littered with fall leaves does not do your curb appeal any good. Neighbors are impressed by a lush, green yard free from dead leaves. Keep your lawn healthy and pristine year-round with Edward’s Lawn & Home!

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