Why You Should Hire a Lawn Care Company for Fall Leaf Removal


A professional leaf removal service will save you the time and physical strain of doing it yourself.

When leaves begin to fall, lawn care can turn into quite the chore. Raking leaves is both time consuming and physically demanding, which is why many people opt for leaf removal services. If the drudgery of leaf cleanup is taking too much of a toll on your week, you may want to consider delegating this work to a professional lawn service company.

Too Many Leaves Kill Grass

It’s important not to let leaves collect on the ground for too long. Besides ruining the appearance of your property, excess leaves can block sunlight and reduce water evaporation, causing fungus, mold, and other diseases to grow. Even if your lawn is cleaned up in spring, this can wipe out your lawn in a year or two.  Wet, decomposing leaves are also a breeding ground for mosquitos. You may choose to have leaves removed on a regular basis or once near the end of the fall season. If you have more trees in your yard, you may need to have leaves removed multiple times throughout the year.

Lawn Care Companies are Efficient

Lawn care companies that offer leaf removal services can get the job done fast and efficiently by employing methods like mobile vacuuming. Lawn care professionals have powerful equipment that can remove even the smallest leaf particles from your lawn. You can choose to have your leaves recycled for mulch or put into a compost.

Time is Money

The most obvious and pertinent reason why so many people choose to hire a professional leaf removal service is to save time. Many homeowners underestimate just how much work is involved in removing leaves, especially when it’s left to a one person job. While it’s difficult to give an exact estimate without seeing the volume of leaves on the ground and the size of the yard, homeowners that elect to use a leaf removal service reap big savings when it comes to their personal time. Keep in mind also that the way you leave your lawn in fall is how it will end up looking all winter long. Aside from looking bad in the winter, leaves left on the ground can ramp up spring cleanup costs.

Fall Leaf Removal from Edward’s Lawn & Home

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