5 Spooky Ways to Light Up Your Landscape this Halloween


Have you made your yard scream-worthy this Halloween?

Have you started thinking about how you can make your yard scream-worthy this Halloween? With the right outdoor lighting, you can bring even the emptiest yard back from the dead. And if your neighborhood sees a lot of traffic from trick or treaters, it’s always a good idea to consider how you can safely guide visitors to your door. Here are a few clever ways to dress up your landscape this Halloween.

Create a Creepy Cemetery

One of the funnest ways to spookify your landscape is to transform your front yard into a creep cemetery. You can easily use reclaimed household materials to create fake tombstones or cobwebs. Another way to really set the mood is to use a fog machine. Use moving lights beneath the fog to suggest the presence of spooky spirits, or give your bushes some creepy glowing eyes.

Use Your Shadows

Taking advantage of your property’s shadows is an essential part of giving your landscape that spooky vibe. Place lights low on the ground and aim them slightly upward to make shadows loom large. When people pass by, the angle of the light will produce elongated and deformed shadows. Partially cover lenses or position cutouts and figures in front of the lights for a more dramatic effect.

String Lights and Luminaries

String lights are perhaps the easiest and most budget friendly option when it comes to Halloween lighting. You can dress yours up with funky pumpkins and zombies or simply set the vibe with the right colors–orange, black, purple and green. Place lights close to your house to create a softer, spookier look. Luminaries are also great for lighting up driveways and sidewalks.

Motion Sensitive Lights

If you’re really looking to give trick or treaters a jump, motion detecting lights, light timers or animated props are the perfect solution. If your home home has a white vinyl fence, for example, you can use it as a backdrop for scary projections. Another advantage to motion sensitive lights is that they can deter potential intruders if you’re not planning to be home this Halloween.

Jack o’ Lanterns

No Halloween landscape is complete without the staple Jack o’ Lantern. If you’d rather not deal with all the mess of carving your own pumpkin, most hobby and craft stores will sell artificial pumpkins that you can light up and reuse every year. Place them on your porch or in your home’s front windows to cast an eerie light on your front yard.

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