Landscaping with Native Plants

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Using native plants in landscaping is trendier than ever.

Using native plants in landscaping is trendier than ever. Whether you’d like a more environmentally friendly lawn, a more low maintenance lawn, or you just like that biodiverse look we can help guide you in the right direction. This post will explore the details of some beautiful plants native to Maryland and how they can fit into your landscaping plans all year round.

What is a native plant?

Native plants are those that have evolved and adapted to the specific climate and ecosystem of a particular region. Wildlife depends on these plants for food and shelter, and the plants rely on local insects and animals for pollination. They are easier for homeowners and landscapers to tend to because they typically require less hands-on maintenance. Native plants require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides to thrive so they are ideal for those with less time to devote to lawn care. 


Native Plants in Maryland

The Mid-Atlantic is home to countless beautiful species of foliage. The Chesapeake Bay Area specifically is reliant on its diversity of life to stay healthy. Here are some options to consider:


  • Goldenrod- a tall, bright yellow wildflower species


  • Blue-eyed grass- tolerant to deer grazing, blooms with violet flowers in the sunlight


  • Raydon’s Favorite aster- a tall flowering plant that blooms through Autumn


  • Milkweed- very easy to grow, attractive to the monarch butterfly


  • Black-eyed Susans- the state flower, blooms from June-Oct. 


  • Christmas Fern- a hardy fern that stays green year-round, great for ground-cover


  • Silky dogwood- a shrub that blooms with small white flowers in spring


  • Blackhaw- small trees that usually grow 12ft. tall, produces berries that attract songbirds

Curb Appeal

Native plants can be arranged to make an outdoor space look entirely unique, setting your home apart from the traditional monoculture lawns next door. They can also be arranged with rocks, gravel, and pavement to give the lawn a classic and understated look. Their versatility is another reason why so many are considering making a switch to native flora. In either case, the experts at Edward’s can help you arrange the perfect design that you’ll love coming home to. 

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