Current Landscape Design Trends

Discover the current trends in landscape design.

Discover the current trends in landscape design.

Landscaping has come a long way from having a well-mowed lawn and a simple flower garden in your backyard.  As technology and advancements in landscaping evolve, homeowners are starting to expand their home by including a variety of features from ponds to stone patios to even outdoor kitchens.  Homeowners are creating beautiful outdoor spaces with landscaping features that their family and guests can enjoy for years to come.  Whether you are renovating the landscape that surrounds your home or installing several new features, you should stay up to date on the current landscape design trends for inspiration.

Green Is In

One of the most widely seen trends among homeowners is the use more plants and greenery around their property to create a more natural environment.  Residential landscapes are moving from a clean, precise look to a more a rugged, woodsy atmosphere.  Homeowners are choosing to place different types of green plants and shrubbery around the exterior of their home.  They want the outside of their home to actually feel like the outdoors and not just another room in their home.

Outdoor Kitchens

More and more homeowners are taking cooking from the indoors right into their backyards.  Although, the kitchens are more intricate and advanced than a grill and dining table.  Technology-driven kitchen equipment is a major trend, with homeowners installing ovens and refrigerators into their backyards.  Many of these items come with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities making the backyard the primary cooking space.  

Mixing of Materials

Landscape design is taking a shift from traditional style to a more modern, creative feel.  Homeowners are starting to have fun with landscape design by combining a variety of materials in one specific feature.  Wooden decks are now installed with iron gates and railings along with modern, sleek tables on traditional brick patios.  Mixing of different materials in landscape designs creates an informal, relaxing outdoor space.

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