What To Plant In Fall in Maryland

What To Plant In Fall in Maryland

Prepare next spring’s garden by planting this fall.

Fall has come to Maryland at last, with temperatures dropping into the 60s already this September. With fall comes raking the leaves, maintaining the fence, cleaning the gutters, etc. However, one thing few realize is that fall is the best time to plant many flowers, shrubs, trees, and more to prepare for a fantastic new year. This list below will disclose more on what to plant in fall in Maryland.


There are many beautiful perennials to plant in fall in Maryland, including salvias, asters, peonies, lilies, lavender, and coreopsis, which will yield fantastic blooms come spring. Planting perennials is a smart and cost-effective plan for any landscape, since they will come back year after year. You will want to encourage root growth before the first frost and mulch around them once the cold sets in.


Bulbs also benefit from fall planting. Classic spring flowers such as hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, and crocuses start as bulbs, as do irises and alliums. Bulbs tend to like well-draining soil in a sunny location. One can arrange a pleasing display based on their height, color, and blooming season.

Trees and Shrubs

Cooler weather is lighter on both people and plants, and the same goes for trees and shrubs. Fall is an excellent time to plant these, too. Encourage root growth with plenty of water before they grow dormant in winter. Ferns and ornamental grasses can also benefit from fall planting.


One can care for the lawn in various ways in fall, besides raking the leaves. It is also a good time for aeration and overseeding, which helps to loosen compacted soil and make room for healthy grass root growth. One can choose to either use grass seed or sod, which will yield faster results.


Some annuals, like pansies, do wonderfully in the spring when planted in the fall. These colorful face-like flowers establish themselves over a few weeks before winter sets in, and come up stronger in the spring. One can also do this with their similar-looking cousins, violas. These flowers need partial to full sun.

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