Seed or Sod? The Pros and Cons

Seed or Sod? The Pros and Cons

Seed or sod? That is the question. Edward’s Lawn & Home can help!

If your lawn is at least half-consumed by weeds, it may be time to do an overhaul and resow the entire lawn for a fresh start. When regrowing the lawn, you will want to determine what kind of soil you have and the sun/shade conditions so you can pick the best grass species. If you are planting in early fall, you may also need to choose cool weather grass for better growing results. After that, the question remains: seed or sod? Below are the pros and cons of each.



With grass seed, you have better flexibility in choosing the species that is just right for your soil and property conditions. You also have more control over the sowing and growing process. Another benefit is that the grass never has to move from one location to another like with sod, the rug-like rolls of grass one can purchase. The added stability is likely healthier. Overall, you can save money and labor costs when going with seed and still come out with a beautiful lawn. 


On the other hand, grass seed has the drawback of taking longer to develop roots and a lush lawn. While it is settling and establishing itself, family and pets cannot step onto the area. It will take months before traffic is safe. This time length can also be detrimental if soil erosion is your concern, or if the weather calls for heavy rains.



Sod has some pros that directly correlate with the cons of grass seed. For example, while seed takes forever to establish itself and hold the soil, sod gives almost instant results. It takes less time for the already mature and healthy grass to take root, and thus less time to wait before walking on it again. While there may be a short wait time, you will already have a great lawn to look at.


While sod allows one to get quicker results, it also requires a time crunch to install it. Sod should be quickly replanted lest it wither, even within 24 hours. Because a farmer grew your grass, your species choices may be narrower and the regional differences may be greater. For example, it might have come from clay soil in full sun, while your yard is sandy soil in shade. Lastly, sod costs more. In conclusion: sod or soil? Edward’s Lawn & Home can help you further.

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