Tips For Keeping Your Grass Green and Healthy

Check out these tips for keeping your grass green and healthy.

Check out these tips for keeping your grass green and healthy.

When most people picture their perfectly landscaped yard, it includes a beautiful, lush, green lawn. However, there are a lot of factors that can stand in the way of that dream. Too little or too much water, sun, or maintenance could mean that your grass grows in ways that look awful- or doesn’t even grow at all. If you’re striving for healthy, green grass this summer, read on for some tips as you get started.

Soil Conditions

Soil conditions are key when it comes to a healthy, green lawn. The nitrogen, phosphorus, and pH levels are all factors that can affect the health of your lawn, and these are all things you can test for with a soil test kit. If you find your soil is lacking nutrients, you can add them before seeding or putting down sod to give your lawn a better chance.

Grass Type

Whether you’re starting your lawn completely from scratch or filling bare patches, it may be tempting to just go to the store and buy whatever you see. There are actually many different types of grass, and each one has different ideal growing conditions. Some like full sun, and some need at least a little shade. Some grow well in extreme heat, and some only grow well in cooler climates. So whether it is sod or seed, you need to make sure you’re choosing the right grass for your conditions before you put it down.

Water Deeply

Most homeowners worry about not watering enough, so with new lawns, they try to water every day. When you’re starting seeds, this is okay, but if you have sod or your grass seed has already germinated, you could be encouraging shallow root growth. When you water lightly every day, you’re only wetting the top layer of the soil, so the roots stay close to the surface where the water is (and they’re more vulnerable up there). Instead, you should water deeply a few times a week. This will encourage the roots to go deeper, resulting in stronger, healthier grass. You should also try to water early in the morning rather than at night to limit the chance for disease and rot.


Mowing the lawn is very important, but it also causes trauma – after all, you’re essentially pruning a plant. Cutting the grass too short (which people often do in an attempt to have to cut less frequently), could be causing more damage and result in more work in the long run. You should also try not to cut the grass in the scorching heat, since the grass is already battling against that to stay alive. Finally, try to cut a day after watering to give the grass a better chance of bouncing back without damage.

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