Should I Get A Fireplace or Fire Pit?


Learn about the differences between a fireplace and a fire pit.

Learn about the differences between a fireplace and a fire pit.

Summer is quickly approaching, and with it, the desire to spend more time outdoors for parties and meals. Adding a fire feature to your backyard is a great way to make your space more enjoyable! Not only do fire features add a lovely ambiance and heat source for chilly nights, but the smoke helps keep pests away! There are two main options when it comes to your fire feature- a fireplace or a fire pit. While objectively similar, the two options come with a few different features that you will want to consider seriously. Learn more about the differences between a fireplace and a fire pit to decide which is right for your backyard!


Of the two, a fireplace is a much more concrete and permanent solution. A fireplace will be constructed with masonry and feature a chimney to direct the smoke up and away. This chimney offers a distinct benefit if you live in an area where mosquitoes are less of a threat as not everyone wants to be in smoke. Fireplaces also tend to help create a focal point for your space, which can be useful in helping to set up a comfortable and beautiful space. While there are no real downsides, you may want to consider that the placement of your fireplace will be permanent and that it will take longer to build.

Fire Pit  

Adding a fire pit can be an excellent option for those less sure about what they want. Because fire pits can be as complicated or as simple as you would like, they can be a little more malleable and adjustable should you find your initial placement is no good. Fire pits are a bit more interactive and allow for a more informal experience like roasting marshmallows. Adding a fire pit is also significantly less expensive, depending on your choices. If you’re having trouble deciding, or are concerned about placement, you might consider starting with a fire pit so that you can make a more informed leap to a fireplace when you are ready.

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