Is a Fire Pit a Good Idea?

Is a Fire Pit a Good Idea?

Is a fire pit worth installing in your backyard? Here’s why it just might.

A new patio is a splendid addition to a backyard. With bright new stones or bricks and a proper installation, it’ll be the place you want to be during lazy summer days. The patio isn’t just for warm weather, though. Adding the quintessential fire pit is sure to make the outdoors significantly better. Is a fire pit a good idea? Below are the top reasons why.

Usable Year-Round

What makes a fire pit a good idea, if not a fantastic idea, is that it is usable year-round. Whether it’s spring or summer, or fall or winter, the outdoor fire lends light and warmth. Unlike some outdoor features, a fire pit is a perk to have in any season, making the most of its worth.

Multi-Purpose Outdoor Lighting

As mentioned, an outdoor fire provides natural lighting for the patio. The warm glow of the fire can reach yards in every direction, which allows for families and friends to enjoy a bigger space. If the fire doesn’t provide enough lighting, one can always install outdoor lighting fixtures.

Good for Cooking

What activities can one do around the fire? Aside from huddling together, singing camp songs, and telling ghost stories, it’s great for cooking. Cook your smores, hotdogs, and kebabs, and try some new recipes. Feasting around the fire is one of the best ways to spend time together.

Extended Living Space

In turn, your patio becomes more of an outdoor living space than it might have been. Extended living space means more square footage on which you can roam. Aside from the fire pit, one can add sitting walls or chairs. If you need any help with your landscaping or hardscaping projects, Edward’s Lawn & Home in Maryland is here to help!

Spend More Time Outdoors

Why does it matter to have extended living space outdoors? Many studies have shown that spending time outdoors can improve one’s mental and physical health. It can boost the emotions, ease the mind, lower blood pressure, and improve immunity. 

Enjoy the Atmosphere

Perhaps the biggest reason a fire pit is a good idea is that it creates an enjoyable and even healthful atmosphere. Multiple studies indicate that spending time around an open fire helps lower blood pressure and increases sociability. Spending time around a lit fire pit is naturally relaxing.

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