What Is Lawn Rejuvenation?

What Is Lawn Rejuvenation?

What’s a lawn rejuvenation, and would your yard benefit?

A healthy lawn gives you more than just good curb appeal. Having a lush lawn promotes a healthy environment. If your grass is looking withered, weedy, or full of puddles, it might be worth investing in lawn rejuvenation. 

What Is Lawn Rejuvenation?

Lawn rejuvenation is the process of making your lawn young again. In other words, you are taking an old, uncultivated, damaged lawn and turning it back into healthy soil. Depending on its condition, the site could need a variety of different treatments from the ground up.

How It Works

What your lawn rejuvenation will look like depends on its unique condition. Edward’s Lawn & Home offers a free estimate detailing what it might look like for your property. If your property is not severe, they might redress the lawn, dethatching it and putting down new seed, sod, or fertilizer as need be. If your yard needs extensive rejuvenation, Edward’s Lawn & Home may suggest laying down an entirely new lawn.

Other types of service that may be necessary include grading and drainage. Grading the land ensures that no puddles form and that rainwater flows away from the foundational walls of your house. If additional drainage is needed, Edward’s Lawn & Home can install a system best fit for your situation. Some types of drainage systems they use include French drains, river rock beds, underground PVC piping, swales, and berms. 

After the land has proper grading, drainage, and healthy grass, Edward’s Lawn & Home will protect the finished product with a thin layer of straw, a straw mat, or a curlex blanket to ensure that everything stays in place. Soon, your grass will grow and establish itself, and you’ll have a fully rejuvenated lawn.

The Benefits

A total lawn rejuvenation is especially helpful for lawns that have not seen thorough maintenance in many years. If it is overridden with weeds, thatch, and possibly fungus, the soil itself is not doing well. Moreover, puddles in your yard could cultivate unwanted bacteria and vermin and harm structural elements like homes, decks, and fences. With a renewed yard, you not only won’t have those issues anymore, but you can restore the land and enjoy it to the fullest.

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