Patio Materials for Your Backyard

Patio Materials for Your Backyard

Dreaming of a beautiful patio? Edwards Lawn & Home provides the best choices for your Maryland home.

The best time to build or replace a patio is before or after the hot and humid summer weather in Maryland. Although winter is not as popular for outdoor projects, temperatures may fluctuate or be relatively warm compared to other regions. As spring is near approaching, one has all the more reason to start considering the best materials for the project. What patio materials might suit your backyard best?


Paver patios are a popular choice for Maryland homes. Pavers come in a plethora of colors, materials, and patterns. Brick, stone, and concrete pavers may be most common. They can fit as interlocking pieces in a variety of designs, making a strong system that is durable against cracking. The downside is that weeds may crop up between the pieces over time and that they are more costly than other patio materials.


Meanwhile, brick patios are beautiful and long-lasting. They can also come in varying colors, but designers recommend not pairing a brick patio with a brick facade since the amount of red could be overwhelming. Even so, it is a classic material that works for a wide array of house styles.


Concrete may bring to mind an image of sidewalk tan, but in the hardscaping world, it is versatile in both form and color. Stamped concrete is a classy option, offering various patterns for your patio’s surface. Besides good looks, concrete patios are famously durable and easy to maintain.


Flagstone is a category of stones that vary depending on the quarry and their cut. Shared characteristics include flat layers that can be split apart, an irregular shape, and a rugged surface. Flagstones often come in varying shades of neutral colors. Limestone, shale, sandstone, and quartzite count as types of flagstone.


Bluestone is also a type of flagstone. It has a blue-gray color that is more striking than regular flagstone colors, and some may say that it is stronger and longer-lasting too. It is not an inexpensive choice, but one of the more popular patio materials on the market. 

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