Revitalize Your Landscape This Fall Through Lawn Aeration

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At Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping, we offer professional lawn aeration and seeding services that will give your landscape the boost it needs!

While summer is fun for the whole family, it can damage your lawn’s health. As professionals who have been caring for landscapes across Maryland since 2007, we want to assist you in rejuvenating your yard after a harsh summer. Only through lawn aeration may you revitalize your landscape to its full vibrancy.

What is Aeration, and Why is It Important?

Aeration is a process that eliminates hundreds of finger-sized plugs of soil across your yard. The holes that you or a professional create allow nutrients, water, and air to penetrate deep into the roots of your grass. As a result, this develops a healthier, more vigorous lawn. In addition, when the hot sun beats down on your lawn, soil compaction occurs, and the roots of your turf struggle to receive the nutrients to thrive. Fortunately, lawn aeration de-compacts the soil and makes it so your lawn can receive a breath of fresh air – literally!

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

  • Minor holes in your soil loosen the dirt so it’s no longer compact
  • The holes are necessary so oxygen, nutrients, fertilizer, and water can easily access the roots of your grass
  • Afterward, the roots will grow deeper into the soil
  • Deep roots assist your lawn stay healthy because they can handle hot and cold temperatures
  • The deeper the roots grow during autumn, the more nutrients your lawn will have in the spring

Should You Receive Lawn Aeration and When?

Landscapes with green grass converting into brown are the lawns that most need aeration. In fact, all properties benefit from aeration, not just those suffering from the summer sun. Even if your yard didn’t wilt this past summer, the roots might not be strong enough to survive the winter.

Moreover, September and October are the ideal months for lawn aeration. Aerating in autumn will provide your lawn’s roots the boost they need to recuperate from a hot summer and prepare for a thriving spring!

At Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping, we offer professional lawn aeration and seeding services that will give your landscape the boost it needs! Call our landscaping company today at 443-341-6539!

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