The Importance of Trees

The Importance of Trees

What makes trees so important in landscaping and beyond?

Trees are something you can find plenty of in Maryland; they fill the parks, the back and front yards of homes, the sides of streets, and everywhere in between. Trees are a part of nature that not everyone appreciates every day. However, if you are looking to renovate your commercial or residential landscape, take a moment to consider the mighty importance of trees.

Community Pride

When you add a tree to your property, you plant the beginning of communal pride in a particular place. Everyone recognizes mature trees as landmarks, a point for direction or to commemorate an event. You may have come across historic trees that a community protects. Planting a tree where you are literally changes the community landscape.

Ecological Health

Trees also play an enormous part in the health of all. For every 6 tons of carbon dioxide an acre of forest intakes, it produces 4 tons of oxygen, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We and every living creature rely much on trees for the oxygen we breathe, and vice versa. Trees are also the home and food source of many creatures, including people! 

Countless Uses

Human beings have found countless uses for trees over the millennia. They are a source of medicine, shade on a hot day, and protection from the wind. Around half the world uses wood for cooking and heating, aside from building homes and making furniture. Tree bark can become aspirin, cork, quinine, and rubber, and tree pulp can become paper.


The importance of trees has an intangible value to it as well. Mature trees add a sense of majesty to a place, and people can develop emotional bonds with them as they mature alongside one’s growing family. No one can deny that spending time in nature promotes a sense of mental, emotional, and physical wellness, and “getting back” to nature is all-important with city dwellers. One can relax and have fun identifying all the trees there are, native ones and exotic ones alike! 

Property Value

Trees also increase property value. Mature trees are especially valuable on a property. Trees even help keep building maintenance costs down; the shade in the summer saves 30% on air conditioning and 20-50% on heating costs, according to the USDA Forest Service.

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