How to Refresh Your Landscape Design

How to Refresh Your Landscape Design

Does your landscape need a refresher? Check out these ideas to fuel your imagination.

It’s never too late or too early to start looking at how you can refresh your landscape design. If you haven’t worked on your garden for decades, or if you are in the middle of developing it, there are plenty of things you could do to make it the landscape of your dreams. Below are some steps and ideas on how to refresh your landscape design.

Get Rid of the Old

The first step in renewing your property is to get rid of what you don’t want. Don’t get rid of the entire landscape; only know what you want to remove. The first thing to get rid of is the weeds. Next, remove any plants you don’t want that are unsightly, aggressive, useless, or any combination of the three.

Find Your Vision

Once you know what you want to remove, consider what you want in your yard. Let your imagination run loose and think of how you might like to enjoy the land. It could be your kids’ playground, an outdoor retreat, an entertainment hub, a cottage garden, and much more.

Create Sections

Unless you plan to have one flat stretch of grass, you might need to separate your yard into sections for different purposes. For example, you might create a tiered garden on a steep slope with new retaining walls and topsoil. You might want to add a patio or deck, a vegetable garden, or a butterfly garden. Again, you have many options.

Plant Low-Maintenance Plants

Every landscape needs to take its climate into account. The climate, the sun exposure, and the soil type will help one determine which plants might be most suitable in the plot. You will want to install low-maintenance perennials, shrubs, grasses, trees, etc. for a long-lasting garden that won’t break your back.

Add a Few Features

Before adding the plants, install the hardscape. When creating sections in your landscape, plan out where you want various functional features, such as your patio, deck, gazebo, etc. What’s the use of a garden if there is nowhere to sit and enjoy it?

Hire a Landscaper

While it is possible to do it yourself, it will take much less time and energy to hire a landscaper who can confirm your vision to you. A landscaping company has the manpower and know-how to design and build a beautiful landscape design for you.

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