Kid- and Dog -Friendly Landscaping Ideas

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Check out these kid- and dog-friendly landscaping ideas for your home.

Spring has finally arrived in Maryland, so the landscaping season is fast approaching. Nothing beats family outside than the warm weather. However, your landscaping choices can sometimes put your loved ones in jeopardy. So, check out these kid- and dog-friendly landscaping ideas for your home.

Avoid These Landscaping Features

From tools to fence posts can be hazardous to children and pets without supervision. Keeping landscaping features safe is about being precautionary. For instance, landscape elements such as decks, pools, and fire features can concern families. But, installing pool gates, deck railings, and fences around outdoor kitchens can create a safe space.

If you plan on relaxing outdoors with your pet this summer, consider setting up a seating area. This way, you can enjoy your time together comfortably. Do this by using trees or significant bushes as shade.

Make Sure to Compost

The environmental benefits of composting are maintained. However, it’s critical to keep composting around your plants, not within your pets. Piles of decomposing organic matter may smell like heaven to dogs or cats. But as these materials break down, they can release mycotoxins, which are toxic to pets. Additionally, curious pets that nibble at your compost can get sick. Their symptoms range from panting to seizures. So, stay safe by closing your compost bin and out of your pet’s reach.

Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice the stylish landscape of your dreams. There are many excellent options for landscaping that can functionally incorporate your pet.


Landscaping features such as fire features, edible gardens, or patios are not off-limits for families with children or pets. One of the landscaping ideas you can do is strategically place fencing for water and fire features. If homeowners want to be bold with their landscape design but worry about functionality, it’s best to call us.

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