How to Prepare Your Residential Landscape If Snow is Forecast

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With planning and care, you can prepare your residential landscape in time for spring.

Festive holiday lights are all around us in December. Despite the festive cheer, landscapers might worry about this time of the year due to the chance of snow. The prospect of snow can dampen the spirits of the winter landscape. However, with planning and care, you can prepare your residential landscape in time for spring.

Make Sure to Prune

As the winter approaches, take the time to prune your landscaping. You can eliminate dead or damaged leaves that appear to be spent. Also, this will help to prevent fungal diseases and bring a cleaner look to your residential landscape. If heavy snowfall occurs, then you may wake up to find snow lingering on the branches and leaves of your plants. So, it’s critical to eliminate this excess snow to avoid the weight from breaking branches and causing overall structural damage.

Winter Care

Many bulbs, such as lilies and tulips, will become dormant during the winter. Once the foliage has fallen back, carefully dig up the bulbs and place them in a cool place until the following spring. Secondly, plant them back out for another season of beauty. Moreover, it’s critical to water your plants through winter. However, too much watering can lead to root rot because the ground is already filled with moisture from rain or snow. So, only water when the soil is dry to the touch.

Remove Leaves

Fallen leaves can be problematic for landscape surfaces. They may starve your turf and plants of sunlight and provide a conducive environment for diseases on your driveway, walkway, or patio. If you have large trees on your property that drop many leaves, please eliminate the leaves from your residential landscape with a leaf blower at least two times monthly.

Final Thoughts

While frost and snow might not be ideal for our flowers and plants, they still provide a unique beauty to your residential landscape that you cannot see at any other time of the year. So, take a minute to sit back, embrace your winter landscape, and appreciate the charm this holiday season brings.

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