What Sod Installation Does for Your Residential Landscaping?

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Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping offers high-quality seeding and sod installation services that elevate your home to the next level.

Nothing puts the finishing touch on a house like a lawn of lush green turf. But while planting from seed takes patience, time, and skill, a sod installation can deliver results quickly. Check out the following advantages of a sod installation that every homeowner should consider.

Success Rate

There’s no success guarantee when you plant grass from seed. Many homeowners have ripped up their lawns to start again, leaving them with an unsightly mess. However, sod installation ensures a brand-new property with 100% coverage. Also, seeds may take multiple weeks to establish a root system. In contrast, a landscaping company can install sod in less than a day, giving you instant results!


Seeds must be planted at a particular time during the year, depending on the grass type being grown. Growing grass from seed also requires the right temperature and amount of moisture. Unfortunately, excessive rain, heat, or coldness can harm your lawn.

On the other hand, sod is slightly resilient and can withstand harsh weather conditions when installed. A landscaping company can install sod about anytime the ground is not frozen, giving you a broader timeframe to install your new lawn.

Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping offers high-quality seeding and sod installation services that elevate your home to the next level. Get a free estimate today!

Less Watering Demands

You must water freshly planted seeds heavily for the first few weeks while maintaining a balance. But newly installed sod doesn’t have the same watering demands.

Erosion Control

Furthermore, grass assists in controlling erosion. Since sod is completely mature from day one of installation, it instantly begins doing its job. In addition, one hard rainstorm while growing new grass from seed can develop pooling and runoff that may erode your terrain.

Less Patchwork

A newly-seeded lawn often fills in some spots, but it may leave you with some remaining patchwork. An excellent sod installation from us leaves your yard with no bare spots remaining. Fortunately, the sod requires less maintenance and demonstrates results quicker than seeding. In just a few weeks, customers can easily mow their lawns just like the rest of the yard.

If you have questions or concerns about your lawn’s health, please reach out to our landscaping team!

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