Understanding How Temperature Impacts Grass Growth

edward's lawn & landscaping how temperature impacts grass growth

How do you know how temperature impacts grass growth?

You may be aware that various types of grass seed are available on the market. Or you may even have noticed that there are cold weather versus warm weather grass types. So, how do you know how temperature impacts grass growth? Understanding how temperature affects the growth of grass can assist you in finding the right mix of seeds for your lawn to ensure that you have the best-looking landscape possible.

How Temperature Impacts Lawns

There are multiple ways that changes in the weather can impact your lawn. To begin, the way that grass seed is stimulated into growing can differ based on the average temperature of your area. In addition, there is more energy available to help fuel rapid growth in areas with warmer soil. Secondly, temperature changes can affect the growth and spread of various types of mold and fungus.

Depending on the climate, seeds used in cold, heat, and soil conditions can result in various kinds of fungi and diseases. Overall, the temperature impacts grass growth in the ways that seeds germinate. Despite a seed’s preference, they will only grow when exposed to the ideal conditions, for some that might include a warmer or colder environment.

Cool Season Grasses

A cold weather seed mix will be ideal for your lawn and landscape if you reside in an area that typically stays between 50- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds will grow most robust in this lower temperature range. This grass type often suffers from root damage and death if the soil becomes very warm. Therefore, this is one way how temperature impacts grass growth.

Warm Season Grasses

Unlike the cold season, warm weather grass succeeds between 64 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the roots of this grass will stop growing when exposed to the cold. It will also be unable to use its nutrients properly. For temperate climates in Maryland, where the seasonal changes bring highs and lows that can differ significantly, using a combination of seeds during the year can help you keep a beautiful lawn all year.

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