Lawn Rejuvenation: Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Landscape Care

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We provide some tips on lawn rejuvenation for the summer.

Are you ready for another humid, hot summer? To be honest, this is about as bad as it gets regarding weather when maintaining a fresh, green lawn in Maryland. Cool-season turf begins to stress above 85 degrees and will struggle more above 90 degrees. Don’t worry, because we provide some tips on lawn rejuvenation for the summer.

Mow Higher

Set your lawn mower in the highest setting. Although your grass looks a little longer, it will thank you. Also, long blades maintain the soil shaded better. Remember to keep those blades sharp and mow in the summer evenings. However, avoid mowing often. If you are mowing high, chances are you can get away with mowing once every 10 days. This will keep the grass from becoming stressed from you mowing in the heat.

Water Regularly

As part of your lawn rejuvenation practice, water your lawn at least three times weekly. If you have dry spots, consider spot-watering them. Or consider watering 4x weekly if your whole lawn is drying out. Just make sure to reduce the watering as soon as you see improvement. If things become bad consider running your irrigation for a quick 5 minutes in the afternoon to cool things down on the soil surface. As a result, your landscape will thank you.

Avoid watering longer because watering deeper during the summer will only waste water. Instead, spot water or add a day at the same duration. If you have some specific dry areas, you’ll have to check if you have sprinkler coverage issues that are fixable in the fall.

Be Patient

Pat yourself on the back if your lawns look decent because they will be fantastic once temperatures cool. Also, don’t try lawn repairs because aeration and weed spraying will come in the early fall. Additionally, now is not the time to seed.

Another important lawn rejuvenation tip is to have patience. Summers are tough on lawns so you will not be able to bring it back when temperatures are higher than 90+ degrees. Lastly, don’t give up. We all want perfect lawns even when in the worst conditions, but it takes time. So, every landscape is different, and some will enhance quicker than others.

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