Low-Maintenance Landscaping Tips in the Summer

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For more low-maintenance landscaping tips on keeping your lawn low maintenance during the summer, call Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping!

Summer is a time of fun. With the warm weather quickly approaching, nights by the bonfire, playing with friends in backyard pools, and outdoor barbeques are prone to happen. To help you have more fun and perform less work, follow these low-maintenance landscaping tips in the summer.

Know When & How to Water

Remember, watering your landscape doesn’t mean watering more – it signifies you must change how you water. The grass is resilient, so follow these low-maintenance landscaping tips to water properly:

  • Water your plants deeply.
  • Water in the early morning or evening so it doesn’t evaporate. The grass needs about an inch of water weekly.
  • Use drip irrigation over a hose or sprinkler. The drip irrigation will water your grass slowly so that the water doesn’t evaporate if used during the day.

Maintain Your Grass Healthy

Many people maintain their grass mowed short to decrease the mowing frequency, but this isn’t true. Instead, proper mowing techniques will keep your yard healthy. In addition, other low-maintenance landscaping tips include:

  • Aerate your lawn yearly to enhance the oxygen flow and inspect the pH balance of your soil to ensure it remains healthy.
  • Fertilize regularly.
  • Eliminate weeds as they steal nutrients from your turf.

Add Mulch to Your Flowerbeds

Consider adding mulch instead of dirt or grass around outdoor living spaces and flowerbeds. Mulch not only fertilizes your plants, prevents weed growth, and breaks down, but it’s also low-maintenance because you don’t have to water or mow it. Also, it’s affordable, and you only have to replace it in the spring. Mulch also prevents weeds from developing in your flower beds during the summer, especially if you lay protective matting underneath.

Form a Great Outdoor Living Space

The more outdoor living space you develop, the less lawn maintenance you complete in the long run. Overall, you’ll have more space to entertain in the warmer weather. This is because you will have fewer grassy areas to maintain. So, consider installing a deck or stone patio to relax on.

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