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You don’t have to be a landscaping pro to know your home or business has landscape drainage issues.

You don’t have to be a landscaping pro to know your home or business has landscape drainage issues. The water line on the side of your property and bare roots that appear like little streams are hard to miss. In addition, these problems can lead to severe damage if left untreated. Also, your outdoor living space will likely fail if you lack good drainage on your landscape. Luckily, you can tell if you have drainage issues that prevent water from moving downhill. Here are the most prevalent landscape drainage problems and solutions.

Poor Foundation Elevation

One of the most common landscape drainage problems is water lingering at a property’s foundation. Unfortunately, this can contribute to foundation failure. Also, this could have been avoided during the house’s initial construction by elevating the slab to direct the proper slope away from the structure. Solution? You may install a sub-surface drainage system with a pipe and catch basin.

Improper Grading of Your Lawn

Do you have areas in your lawn that always collect water after a storm? Improper grading of your property can form depressions that trap the water. Ultimately, this excess water will kill your turf and plant material. Fortunately, you can direct water away from your home by installing creek beds that allow rainwater to move. Even better, these creeks can add some aesthetic value.

Moreover, having the proper grade is vital for preventing landscape drainage problems with your hardscape surfaces. Besides properly grading your property, you can also install retaining walls to assist with drainage issues. Thankfully, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping offers excavation and grading services to eliminate lingering water and low spots in your lawn.

Gutter Spouts

Furthermore, another common drainage issue is when gutter spout exits must be adequately addressed. So, if the gutter empties into bed areas or dumps excess water on paved surfaces, you will have problems. Overall, inspect where your gutters pour water and redirect them so the water will slide downhill.

Here at Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping, we can assist in diagnosing your landscape drainage issue and developing a lasting solution. Despite your drainage or landscaping needs, our landscaping experts can handle it all!

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