Why Is Landscape Grading So Important?

Why Is Landscape Grading So Important?

Grading is the first step in constructing a proper landscape or hardscape.

Every project requires an ordering of steps. When one finishes a goal through the proper means, he or she will have achieved a project that is well done. The same applies to landscaping and hardscaping. When one completes the first step in the construction of a property or garden, landscape grading, he or she will be on the right track to seeing a spectacular landscape in the end. 

What Is Landscape Grading?

Landscape grading is the leveling of the earth. The earth is the base for any construction project, which means the slope and direction of the earth must be right for whatever the builders intend to put on top of it. Grading requires certain tools and measures to help them determine scientifically and mathematically how to shape the earth. Once the base is established, the rest can go on top.

Design Drainage

So what exactly does grading do, then? On residential and commercial properties, grading helps to slope the earth away from the house, that is, create proper drainage. This allows rainwater to flow away from the house rather than toward its foundation. Grading also eliminates excess water puddling around or flooding the property. Grading places buildings on the highest relative ground.

Stabilize the Ground

Grading can also help to stabilize the earth. This has to do more directly with the design side of things. For example, grading outlines a new design for the direction of water flow and improves the quality of the existing soil. With a better mixture of soil, the drainage and planting quality of the soil will be much healthier.

Establish Irrigation

While the ground is open and bare, its the prime time to establish an irrigation system if needed. An irrigation system will help to distribute water throughout a piece of land and nourish all the plants as they need.

Prepare Hardscaping and Landscaping

Ultimately, shaping the ground is a necessity for preparing hardscaping and landscaping projects. Leveling, sloping, and measuring the ground provide a proper base for hardscapes such as retaining walls, pathways, and patios. The same goes for landscapes, as grading allows garden beds to flourish with good drainage and nutritious, breathable soil.

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