How to Remove Pooling Water

How to Remove Pooling Water

If you’ve got pooling water in your yard, you may need one of these drainage solutions.

During spring and summer’s heavy rains, water can accumulate quickly on the lawn and property and form pools. Pooling water can lead to mosquitoes, swamped grass, muddy feet, and, worst of all, deteriorated foundations. If the water pools near the house or fence, it can undermine the structure. With Edward’s Lawn & Home, you can find several solutions to your pooling water problems.

Proper Grading

Every residential property is designed to let water run down away from the house. This way, one avoids the threat of water damage. Over time, the land may shift and problems can arise. Edward’s Lawn & Home can diagnose this issue and grade your landscape the right way.


Sometimes, pooling water may happen because of the soil’s poor drainage capacity. Especially in areas with clay soil, rainwater is more likely to remain on top than sink into the ground. On the other hand, it could just be compacted. A professional landscape company can aerate the soil, pulling up plugs of dirt to make it airier and better draining again.

Drainage Installation

If aeration doesn’t work, and your soil is persistently water-resistant, a drainage system may be best. A French drain, one of the most common types, directs water out from the property through a pipe covered up by gravel. From the surface, it may look like a gravel ditch along the property. A dry well drainage system, meanwhile, takes water past the thick surface into the ground directly.

Drainage for Hardscapes

Stone, brick, or concrete surfaces should slope slightly away from the house to start, but when surrounded by thick grass or a high rim, rainwater can collect fast. One can install a drainage system along patios and walkways with metal grates to only allow rainwater to get through it. Some pavers are designed for drainage as well, enabling water to seep in between the cracks without disturbing the pathway, patio, or driveway. These methods are more affordable options compared to raising the entire hardscape to a higher level than the lawn. 

Rain Garden

A homeowner can solve pooling water with healthy lawn care practices, grading, and man-made drainage solutions, but one can also go with a passive, natural approach. Rain gardens are amplified grassy swells, ditches in which native plantlife can thrive. These floral dips in the ground make excellent property borders and landscape accents. 

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