Lawn Fungus and Its Remedy

Lawn Fungus and Its Remedy

If you see lawn fungus on your Maryland lawn, there’s a simple remedy.

A green, healthy lawn is beautiful, but in Maryland, one can come down with lawn fungus, otherwise known as turf fungus. If you see a ring of mushrooms, greasy-looking grass, brown, white, or yellow patches, pink powder, gray spots, or any other distortion, your grass is likely suffering from one turf disease or another. Here’s a closer look at the types and causes of lawn fungus and how to get rid of it.

Types of Lawn Fungus

Three of the most common types of lawn fungus are brown patch, fusarium blight, and dollar spot. Brown patch, as the name implies, appears as a brown spot in your lawn. It happens most often during hot, humid weather, which is typical of Maryland summers. 

Fusarium blight, also known as necrotic ring spot, looks like white and yellow rings on the wilted grass. They tend to begin near sidewalks and driveways and spread out from there during hot, dry spells.

Dollar spot, a white or tan, fuzzy lawn fungus, occurs in spring due to drought paired with heavy dew. It appears in small spots across the lawn, but latches onto grass blades rather than the roots. 

Causes of Lawn Fungus

A stressed-out lawn is more susceptible to disease. Conditions that could cause lawn fungus to grow include drought, heat, humidity, and improper lawn care. However, it is good lawn care practices that will mainly take care of the problem.

How to Treat and Prevent It

Applying fungicide may be necessary, but only if preventative maintenance does not work. Otherwise, continuing to keep your lawn as healthy as possible will remove the issue entirely. 

One way to do this is to cut the grass to about 3 inches in the summer, which will help to retain moisture and keep out disease. One should estimate the best time to begin and end watering, as weather conditions vary each year. Even so, long waterings in the early morning will produce deep, healthy roots. 

You can keep the area well-ventilated by aerating the soil, thinning trees and shrubs as needed, and dethatching dead grass. Should you need a service to help you get your lawn in shape again, Edward’s Lawn & Home is at your service!

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