Turf Fungus and How to Get Rid of It

Turf Fungus and How to Get Rid of It

Does your lawn have spots, slim, or patches? Find out how to get rid of that turf fungus here.

Just like any plant in the garden, your turf—that is, the grass on your lawn—needs its care. Grass can get diseased, and when this happens, crabgrass may fall lower on the spectrum of perplexing landscape concerns. So, what is “turf fungus,” and how would one get rid of it? Read on to find out.

What Is Turf Fungus?

Turf fungus can refer to any type of grass disease, and the list of grass diseases is not a short one. Fungus is the main culprit in many grass diseases. Brown patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, and Fairy Ring are just a few of the names. Most diseases create some sort of patchiness or spottiness on the grass. Some even take on a slimy consistency. Taking a look at the diseased area of the lawn and searching for its characteristics on the Internet can help you identify exactly which kind it is.

Causes of Turf Fungus

Just like any old fungus, fungi that like to grow on grass thrive most in hot and humid weather conditions. Still, other factors contribute to the spores that are natural to your yard erupting into a problematic disease. Causes of turf fungus can range from a period of drought to cutting the grass too short. Compacted soil, overwatering, too much fertilizer, and even having the wrong type of grass for your climate can produce the negative effects of fungal growth. 

How to Get Rid of It

There are not only ways to get rid of it, but also ways to prevent fungus from taking over your turf. Moreover, the answer to the problem is simple: just start taking care of the lawn in a more proactive way, and the problem will go away. Encourage the grass to grow healthily again by creating a good environment for it. First, do a soil test to see how the ground’s nutrition is doing, and supplement accordingly. Then, loosen the soil (aerate it) so that the ground can breathe. Water the lawn early in the morning so that the heat of day won’t dry up the water or cook the foliage. Proper mowing and fertilization practices will also help to rejuvenate the soil and get your grass looking green again.

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