What are Landscaping Policies to Consider for your Columbia HOA Home?

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HOA residents want to be aware of what they can and can’t do in terms of landscaping.

HOA residents often ask several landscaping questions when it comes to the care of their homes. While HOAs usually hire a landscaping company to care for their common areas, homeowners must care for their property’s landscaping. Residents want to be aware of what they can and can’t do. Read on for five primary HOA landscaping policies to think about.  

Determine a Planting Policy

Since there are a variety of flowers and plants, it would be helpful to limit the range of choices for residents to keep a neat look. Your HOA community would have a pleasing, consistent appearance if all homes were maintained with a similar arrangement of flowers, shrubs, and trees. So, provide a list of approved plants to the homeowners. Furthermore, this keeps plants that are bad for gardens out of your HOA development in Columbia, Maryland. 

Exclude Possible Clutter

All of us have our thoughts and ideas about what is considered outdoor art. Your HOA landscaping committee should decide what’s allowed and what isn’t. Restrict the types of lawn decorations, water features, and outdoor furniture are permitted, so things don’t start to look tasteless. Be more specific. For instance, can you install those alien garden solar-light statue sets you found in an online sale?  

Ask About Personal Gardens

In addition, most HOA landscaping committees usually have rules about residents having personal gardens. Perhaps a small amount of tomato pots is acceptable in your backyard, but not a large vegetable garden. Well-maintain gardens can be lovely landscape additions but can become messy quickly. Then, as the growing season terminates, the gardens lose their beautiful appearance fast.

Alternatively, consider a community garden. If sufficient residents are interested, they can grow certain flowers and vegetables. Since it is a common area, you can discuss this with your landscaping company about including its care in your contract.  

Approval for Any Potential Hardscape Projects

Moreover, are you planning to fence your Columbia home? Patios can be relaxing, and fencing is a perfect addition to landscaping. But ensure your HOA landscaping committee gets the approval of any hardscape projects. If your project is not designed and installed adequately, it can get ugly and displeasing for the neighborhood’s curb appeal.  

Finally, ensure your HOA landscaping guidelines mentions who is responsible for what when it comes to landscaping maintenance in your community in Columbia, Maryland. To prevent confusion, be knowledgeable about the areas required to be taken care of by your commercial landscaping company, what is included in your landscaping contract, and what tasks homeowners are responsible for.

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