What to Look for in a Commercial Grounds Company

What to Look for in a Commercial Grounds Company

What should you look for in a commercial grounds company? Check out this useful list of criteria here!

Taking care of a commercial property doesn’t stop at the front door. A commercial property owner or manager knows that the landscaping around it matters just as much, especially for safety and curb appeal. With so many options in Maryland, it’s best to have a set of criteria in hand to know exactly what to look for in a commercial grounds company. 


One of the first steps in finding the right commercial grounds company is research. Look through the company’s website and online profiles. This online data can give you valuable insights into what a company is all about. Moreover, look at their testimonials. Word-of-mouth reviews are valuable. You can also request references from the company from customers who used similar services.


When asking for references, you can also learn whether or not the company has the resources to meet your needs. A commercial property is often much larger than a residential one, and therefore would need more tools, skills, and manpower. Asking the company what tools they use and their company size can also give insights.

Required Paperwork

Paperwork matters. Your commercial grounds company should be able to provide you with a copy of their licenses for their various services. You should also be able to see what kind of insurance they have so you know exactly who is liable should any mishap happen. As a business, you will want to know in order to protect your commercial property and its occupants.

Services You Need

Of course, one must answer the obvious question: Do they offer the services you need? Maintaining a commercial landscape is a year-round job that requires constant upkeep, such as mowing the lawns, monitoring trees, planting annuals, mulching, removing leaves, and removing snow. Likely, you will want to aim for a company that provides comprehensive services that answers your specific needs so you can avoid needing to call a second company.


Lastly, where does the commercial landscaping company get all their products from? What products do they use? Everyone naturally wants to maintain a healthy environment; using fertilizers, sprays, plants, disposal methods, etc., that are sustainable and effective is key. 

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