7 Tips for Spring Lawn Care

7 Tips for Spring Lawn Care

As spring starts up again, there are a few ways to make your lawn look its best.

With spring underway, it’s time for homeowners to think about how to care for their lawns throughout the warm seasons. It may require several steps at least, but cultivating beautiful, green grass is fairly straightforward. Check out the following tips for your spring lawn care routine.

1. Check the Equipment

First things first: it never hurts to make sure your garden hoses and lawnmower are in good working order before you begin. Besides checking the garden hoses for leaks, you can spruce up the lawnmower by removing dried grass stuck underneath, sharpening the mower’s blade, and refilling the fuel tank. If you are not mechanical, you can always take it to a shop that can fix it up for you.

2. Clean the Yard

Next, remove any branches and twigs that have fallen in the yard. With all that March and early April wind, plenty of branches often lay stranded on Maryland suburban lawns. If you find any trash, throw it out; if you come across organic debris, you can throw it into the compost heap.

3. Cutting Grass Right

Cutting grass is an art. One should wait for the grass to come out of dormancy first before mowing it. The type of grass you have will look different from other types, depending on if you have warm or cool season grass or a mixture of the two. A balance is best, at two and a half inches. For more information on the ideal height for different types of grass, click here.

4. Recycle Trimmings

When you do start mowing the lawn, you don’t have to throw the clippings in the garbage. The best way to use them is, once again, to add them to the compost pile. Grass clippings are full of nitrogen, which enriches the soil. Full of nutrients, grass clippings are a vital part of spring lawn care.

5. Fill in Patches

Spring is also the best time to reseed the lawn where it is bare. Along with scattering seeds, aeration is beneficial for loosening up the soil. For this reason, the two tend to go hand-in-hand.

6. Watering the Lawn

A homeowner can also wait on watering the lawn in early spring. Along with April showers, watering may not be as necessary right away. However, once you start walking on the grass and it stays flat under your footprint, it’s time to water. 

7. Fertilizer and Herbicide

You will want to apply an organic herbicide to your lawn before you add fertilizer. After killing off the weeds before they grow wild, you can apply fertilizer to help the grass grow healthy and full.  

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