Benefits of a Butterfly Garden

Benefits of a Butterfly Garden

As the spring season blossoms, there’s no better time than now to plant a butterfly garden.

Spring is in full swing at the beginning of April this year. The birds are singing, the bugs are buzzing, and the trees and flowers are blooming. There’s no time like now to rejuvenate the garden. There are many types of gardens one can plant, but one kind of especial interest to Maryland residents is the butterfly garden. This type uses native plants to attract butterflies to its nectar. Are you considering creating a butterfly garden? Below are some of its benefits.

Pollination of Plants

One of the most basic functions of a butterfly garden is to encourage healthy pollination in the area. Butterflies are excellent pollinators, collecting pollen on their legs and bodies as they drink the flowers’ nectar in the same way bees do. They then take off, spreading the chances for a new plant generation to flourish.

Conservation of Butterflies

Native plant species are crucial to the continuation of butterfly populations. In Maryland, there are hundreds if not thousands of plant species that grow in the region. Butterflies depend on specific plant species to live. For example, monarch butterflies depend on milkweed and Joe Pye weed to eat and nest their eggs. Giving these creatures the resources they need to survive will help them and the ecosystem.

Help for the Ecosystem and Garden

A butterfly garden is also helpful for the ecosystem in general, as well as your garden. Butterflies have been around since practically the beginning of time, and play a significant role in the ecosystem as both food for predators and predators for smaller creatures like aphids. In this way, butterflies can come to the rescue if your garden suffers from aphids.

Have a Family Activity

Gardening brings one outdoors into the sunshine and fresh air. It brings someone closer to nature. Making it a family activity can be something enjoyable for you all to do and educate your children on the importance of caring for the environment. It is good just to be outside, and spending time outdoors in the garden has many health benefits physically and mentally. If you need advice on implementing a butterfly garden into your landscape, contact Edwards Lawn & Home!

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