When to Plant In the Spring

When to Plant In the Spring

When should one plant grass, flowers, or vegetables? Find out here.

The spring season is upon us in all its floral and green glory. It is an early spring, and people are looking forward to enjoying nature around the house. If there’s any place one ought to enjoy the outdoors, it’s at home. However, there may be questions regarding when the right time is to plant any number of things, from grass to flowers to vegetables. Below is a look at when to plant for each of these categories.

Best Time to Plant Grass

Grass is perhaps not the showiest greenery in the yard, but it allows us to walk about our plot of land in ease and children to run about. A green, healthy lawn is also appealing to look at and adds to the beauty of your house. When considering how to reseed, overseed, or fill in bare patches on your lawn, one must first consider the types of grass available. You want to avoid planting cool season grass varieties in the spring, since these are better suited to the fall and winter months. Warm season grass species include Bermuda, St. Augustine, Centipede, and Zoysia grass. Maryland technically sits in the transition zone, so a mixture of warm and cool season grass can work well too. Plant after the frost season, when the daytime is typically 65 degrees.

Best Time to Plant Flowers

Meanwhile, every front and back yard is made more attractive with flowers. Flowers can be useful for edging lawns, surrounding ponds, or filling out garden beds. Perennials are more cost-effective for gardens, since you have to replace annuals annually. Either way, it is best to wait until the frost season has passed. For flowers that bloom in the spring, plant them in late summer or early fall. For flowers that bloom in the late summer, plant these in early spring. The timing will give them the chance to establish themselves in the ground.

Best Time to Plant Vegetables

There are plenty of benefits to having a vegetable garden. When to plant your vegetables, though, depends on the species. The planting season in Maryland typically begins in mid-April. One can start the seeds indoors, but they may be ready for transplanting outdoors after the weather reaches the 60s. At the very least, make sure to take them outside only after the frost has passed. You can also let the plants sit outside in their pods before transitioning them into the ground.

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