Early Spring Cleanup Tips For Your Lawn

Check out these early spring cleanup tips for your lawn.

Check out these early spring cleanup tips for your lawn.

It’s officially March, which means that the beautiful, temperamental season of early spring is upon us. The weather may have been all over the place since mid-January, but now is when we really need to get out in the garden for those early plantings. Before you dig into the actual gardening, take some time to do some early spring cleanup to prepare, especially your lawn.

Check the Lawn

The first thing you should do is walk your property and check the damage from the winter. Salt is especially hard on grass during the winter. One source could be your pet because their urine contains a lot of salt. Another is winter salt from road spray – don’t assume your yard is safe just because it is far from the road, road spray can sometimes travel over 100 ft. The main cure is lots of water to wash away the salts, but if they’ve done extensive damage you may find you need to re-sod or reseed this season.

Repair Snow Mold

Another winter grass issue that you should look for is snow mold. This will look like patches of grass that are matted together because the disease glues the grass together in patches. These patches can keep new grass from successfully frowning because it can’t grow through the patch. Solve the problem by lightly raking out the mats, but don’t rake too forcefully (you could pull the grassroots out of the moist soil).

Plan Out Plots

If you’re planning to add new garden beds this year, now is the time to plan where they will go. Those areas should be filled if you have access to a tiller. If you’re doing raised beds, do the smother method to kill the grasses under them before filling the beds with new soil.

Check For Other Damage

While you’re checking on your lawn, take the time to check your other landscaping as well. Check woody plants for visible damage, but don’t be too concerned by a lack of new growth at this point. If you mulched any perennials last fall, take some time to uncover them. They may not be out of their dormant period yet – some plants take longer than others – but it will happen soon so be patient. The only thing you shouldn’t uncover yet is your roses. Wait until the danger of frost is well past before uncovering your roses. Once you do, remove all the dead leaves and wood, and clearing away old organic matter that could carry disease spores.

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