How to Protect Your Garden from Animals and Pests

 Learn how to protect your garden from animals and pests.

Learn how to protect your garden from animals and pests.

One of the perks of owning a home is designing your landscape in any way you see fit. If you have a green thumb, you can grow your own garden right in your backyard. However, having a garden also comes with the task of keeping the local animals and pests away. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, and other furry friends will love the vegetables in your garden just as much as you do. Follow this guide for protecting your garden and enjoying your property.  


Create a barrier between your garden and animals by installing fencing. The height and best kind of materials to use depends on which animals frequent your property. You could even opt for electric fencing. When it comes to pests, a barrier of wood chips or gravel can make it difficult for ticks to get past. If your garden is small enough, consider using a full enclosure that covers your garden from the top and on all sides.

The Power of Smell

Many animals are known for having sensitive noses. Specifically, rabbits and deer are turned off by certain scents. Add some rosemary, garlic, or lavender to your garden. Once those unwanted guests get a whiff of any of those smells, they’ll retreat back into the woods.


If you take a trip over to your local hardware store, you’ll be able to find plenty of bug repellent options to help you control the pests. If you’re hesitant about using repellents that may contain harsh chemicals, there are many do-it-yourself combinations and mixtures that you can use to deter the pests and animals.

Yard Maintenance

Be sure to keep your yard and lawn neatly manicured and maintained. Clean up fallen leaves and other natural litter that could attract wildlife. Make sure that you mow the lawn and keep weeds from growing up to be too tall. In addition, be sure to dump out all stagnant water to help keep mosquitoes away.

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