4 Landscape Enhancement Trends for 2019

Check out these four new landscape enhancement trends for 2019.

Check out these four new landscape enhancement trends for 2019.

Designing and enhancing the beauty of your landscape is all about making your property look more beautiful and functional for your family. Depending on your style, there are many selections for how you can spruce up your place. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are four landscape enhancement trends for 2019.

Exterior Living

Extend your living space to the outdoors. Create an area outside where you can enjoy the beauty of your landscape and the fresh air. There are many options available for creating an outdoor living space, and technology has made it possible to outfit the area with a television or stereo system. Use textures and color to make the space feel as comfortable as the inside of your home.   

Sensory Landscapes

It’s true that much of your landscape design will be all about the visual appeal, but don’t forget to include features that will appeal to the other senses as well. The trend of sensory gardens and landscapes is growing rapidly. Consider incorporating some plants that are intriguing to touch- such as the lamb’s ear plant. You can also grow herbs or flowers with a strong aroma to provide a lovely scent in your home and yard, and various vegetables to incorporate into your cooking!

Fire Features

Light up the night and bring warmth to chilly air with a fire feature. Install a fire pit that you can use to enhance the mood and atmosphere and do some cooking. The fire pit or fireplace will be a great place to have a conversation with friends. You could even use your fire feature to inspire the design of the rest of your landscape.  

Show Your Art  

Are you a sculptor or even just a fan of sculpture and lawn art? One of the new trends for 2019 is to incorporate art into your garden and throughout your yard. You can achieve this trend by setting aside a patch of land to create a sculpture garden, complete with well-maintained walking path and bench. You could also intersperse the artwork among your plants and garden to make the entire design look more dynamic and interesting.

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