Your Yard’s Spring Cleaning Checklist

yard’s spring cleaning checklist

Spring is here and the longer afternoons and crisp mornings make it the perfect time to get started on your yard’s spring cleaning checklist.

Spring is here and the longer afternoons and crisp mornings make it the perfect time to get started on your yard’s spring cleaning checklist. Regular maintenance ensures that your landscaping and hardscaping stay in great condition during the rainy spring months and that they’ll look just as bright and beautiful all summer long. Here’s our suggested yard spring cleaning checklist for you to tackle over spring break.

Fertilize & Get Planting Beds Ready

If you are using the same plant beds that you had success with last year, add some additional compost around your plants to help fertilize them. As you see weeds, be sure to remove them before they get even more out of control during the warmer and wetter weather. If you do like to use chemical fertilizers, make sure that you carefully follow the instructions so that they do not burn or harm plants (or the ecosystem where you live).

If you are going to make new planting beds, you can do any of the following to prepare them:

  • Use a tiller to break entirely new ground
  • Build raised beds
  • Kill grass using a smother method to turn existing lawn space into planting space

Start Planting

Once everything is prepared for the planting process to begin, it’s time to actually start the planting! Early spring is the best time to place trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers. It’s also a great time to start a new lawn or over-seed a lawn to ensure that it provides you with lush growth.

Prevent Pests

All of the work that you’ll be doing for your yard’s spring cleaning checklist could be undone if any pests get into your yard. It’s best to fight weeds before they ever rear their heads in your yard, so be proactive. Landscape fabric and mulch can cut down on weed growth in flower beds. If you have an entire lawn to protect, use a pre-emergent herbicide to guard against crabgrass.

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