Why Do I Have Mushrooms in My Lawn?

mushrooms in your lawn

Mushrooms may be tasty, but you don’t want them in your lawn!

Now that spring and all of the long rainy nights and crisp mornings are here, your lawn is experiencing all sorts of new growth. While some of this growth is welcomed, like gorgeous fresh flowers, things like weeds and mushrooms are never good to see. Why do you have mushrooms in your lawn and how can you get rid of the problem?

What Are Mushrooms Exactly?

The mushrooms in your lawn are a type of fungi that live in the soil. Most of the time, mushrooms stay hidden below the surface and help to break down organic material and fertilize your lawn. However, after a long spring rain they might suddenly pop up in your yard.

How Can I Get Rid of Mushrooms in My Lawn?

There are several easy ways to get rid of mushrooms from your yard, including the following.


Decrease Shade in Problem Areas

Mushrooms love wet and shady areas, so if you have any particularly shady areas in your yard, be sure to trim them back. The extra sunlight the grass receives will keep mushrooms at bay.


Aerate Your Lawn

Does your lawn get pools of standing water or stay damp for a long time after it rains? Your soil might be compacted and in desperate need of aeration. More drainage means less moisture and less mushroom growth. Lawn aeration will also increase grass growth in general, just in time for spring.


Get Rid of Old Stumps

Do you have old tree stumps still hanging around? They could be encouraging mushroom growth in your lawn as the roots decompose and fertilize the area. Make sure that all old tree stumps and yard debris are removed promptly if you are concerned about mushrooms in your yard. Not sure how to get it done? Get expert lawn care from Edwards!

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